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An album about the last 9 months.
Recorded in Tigard, Oregon.


released June 7, 2016

for Earl. E. Moxley.



all rights reserved


Alexander Nothing Wyoming, Michigan

"PR" available now.

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Track Name: unsaid pt. 1
dont know what the wifi password is
theres someone else living in your basement
just pull it instead
kill them in an instant

funeral like lavender
graceless meaning my sisters
caskets on long island
how is that possible

boyer on ID
who's that to my may baby
pretend to be father pretending to buy
a coffin in tigard

custody arguments in custard yellow houses
signatures exchanged over papers
talk and talk of who is whose father
fax them to each other in an hour

Carol Black is wrong
and my love told me she did
without knowing the touch of my skin
and here we are in Oregon
here i am in Oregon

but Stephen and Richard told me
its the things in which i dont say to her
that bring me to places that drag me here
and all of these words, don't matter
Track Name: pihsnretni
its mouth filled with shrapnel
my friends i cant remember
names ive made from pieces of
adjacent neighbors, like him and her

taking a Buick to Lansing
for Nameless #2s life
collection of letters i just noticed
essj, then another added

begging my other family for Miami
for programs of
i havent been here since 2011
but you all like a rabid dog

health or lack of, but the copy of
this middle template like emerald
in the frame of a brother ive known
behind eyes closed, it happened
it happened
it happened
it happened
i know

he doesnt say but his is Opal
ask a question without prior knowledge
but knowing the same people im told
Kaitlyns internship

directions given without any knowledge
driving in Georgia with Georgia's eight ounces
close to the city and under the sun
but we all like a problem dog x3

directions given without any knowledge
driving in Savannah with Liam's 12 ounces
close to the ocean and with her son
but we all like a problem dog

directions by Jackie
driving in Wyoming in her Altima
close to Illinois and close to Michael
im the problem
Track Name: h ave
laid in bed with Margaret and tore Tyler apart
Alicia Vegas my heart cant hear you Margaret

Leigh matters if ill ever get there
Grace knows if im doing something else

all these names lose me

Willette isnt a real place ive never been there
all these adjacent streets confuse me

as bare as a Thursday hallway
misplaced husky, person in Kentucky

Nothin matters once i get there
H Avenue doesnt exist i have to remember
i have to remember

two boys two girls and
another fucking name to remember and
my arms stretched at either side of my fucking body and
theyre right there on top of the hallway and
grace just falls asleep and
grace just falls asleep x2

Nothing matters once i get there
Palm Springs doesn't exist i have to remember
Track Name: untitled 6
krista drowned on barbur
kristine saved her she's a lifeguard
everyone needs to know my favorite color
given a Multnomah, a plush bird

ice made everyone late
salt isnt used here
do something ive never done
and wont ever do again

my life is a crystal
my daughter exists
we dont need a crsytal ball to see that Elizabeth

hung like an ornament
image search the reds
Grand Rapids isnt a birds nest

your neighbors are yourself
Chicago in your guest room
two can't happen with you
nothing you can do about the First
the Second is so fragile he'll worship your words

you don't know or care
17 minutes before i was there
third place minus the First and Second
get there by the fucking Pacific

Krista drowned in the Atlantic
asked me why this was Untitled
water spilling from her mouth
salt gurgling, should've been melting

wedding in Wyoming
marriage held together by string
Buford is our story
in a used book you gave me

used to run now you sleep in
you remind me of my roommate and father
theyre the same person
convinced youre all the problem
Track Name: 12 friends
saw the Atlantic before six
enter in my seven
my first name is Brandon
Melissa had a garden
i meant the Pacific

its not a commute if i like it
like Krista, but beside others
all with our eyes closed
wished we were drowning on the 12

Kristine makes more than me
dentistry is robbery
fuck with his heart disease
pink eye is just small talk
we're exchanging small talk
text me your feelings

enter in your seven
and your first name is Corey

this is all Nothin
this is all Nothin
Track Name: graceless blue screens

open availability
we keep attacking each other
but im the criminal
im the
im the
to death, and thank you
and thank you
and thank you
words you write but cant say
i saw this on Wednesday
Track Name: more than one
feta when i look down
like i saw on her television
take some penicillin
like us on facebook kim

goodbyes rolled in brie
evan will eat anything
it isnt the same thing
i know you said you were listening

her normal isnt normal
four of them for the both of us
drool over her espresso
the 6 numbers i forgot, then whisper, whisper

my appearance is a regimen
wave my hand get a reaction
leave the halls walking
Aaron, my identity his verification

Frankie sells avocado
and Max serves it
everyone in line saying goodbye
but don't really mean it

and giving money to people who take it
kindness isnt cheap if you ask for it
coffee is the center of all this
keeping people awake when they buy it
but on the other side
its irony trading in New Guinea
Kims replacement asking for my fucking id
im a regular
ive been here since september
ive been here
Track Name: lived on 79th
the death of Moxley means Nothing
with glass in Medina
said my name out loud
asked if her name was Emma

ceramic owl tethered in vines
people ive been used to live on Vine
not from Medina unless
youre talking about the one in winter

estate sale like a fucking fast food restuarant
have neighbors who arent my neighbors act like leeches on Lisas arm
sucking Moxley off like boys with
men who love God

like two years invested into Nothing
thats my name you got a problem
mailbox is gone but i never had one
and Emma says
"don't worry its nothing"
im the fucking core
to that apple in that fucking song
im the fucking center among four
Track Name: saying
copy cats and stops i wont stop at eventually
my mother called me before the restaurant
Mama Mias, mama my heart is near us

its a piece of mail i told a little girl on the bus
my fathers trying not to cause harm
but doesnt think for us

he's just saying what he needs to
yeah he's just saying what he needs to

yield signs and plagiarism ill admit respectively
they called my last name in the lobby
Mama Mias, the elevator button is one

Paul went to Hawaii
and Carol Black is the worst human I've ever met
theyre not dead and they arent my parents

Araimo is saying things while someone else threatens them
Araimo is saying things while someone else threatens them

almost lost track but now four
best thing is that they come right to me
fall asleep but the doorbell rings

Rick gets up but walks back to his room
Paul tells us about Hawaii
and i tell Ohio my first name
Track Name: said pt. 2
divided by itself
ive seen the both of them only once
its a halfway home
nothing else
frame built in May
after the conversation we had
about the person born in May
June, Stephen
was the last time i saw your daughters

and the person born the month Tyler's mom died
its rebranding i know it is
your mom isn't alive because you think its all silver
"this is all silver"
ask a question that has Nothin to do with your son
Washington is a home to someone

do i have to tell you
remind you
that your first born died in Maryland
737 forms to fill out
sunset is disgusting when im out
give them carnivals
take them fishing
buy them new shoes
guilt is what this is
don't try to disguise it
ill stop talking to you stephen
but say something to your oven
leeches are on Lisas arm

people with my last name
who ask my name
its Alex