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by Alexander Nothing

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This album was written and recorded in my mother's two-bedroom apartment inbetween 8-hour shifts at McDonalds. Blessed by God's almighty grace and my EFC.


released August 9, 2015

for Dad, Koni, and Carol Black.

R.I.P Michael Brown Jr.



all rights reserved


Alexander Nothing Wyoming, Michigan

"PR" available now.

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Track Name: 1490
pass Oriole and Michael
then Illinios i'll hear about
the 700 dollars goin to Nothin

ill hear about the raising of children
beneath the wings of an angel,
an angel i've never seen,
an angel on morpine, they say,

"you had your eyes closed! you were at another home! building a system, made of solid gold!"

well you don't know her and you don't know me,
but if you know us so well, then why won't you love me?

well that angel with Nothin but a halo drivin,
near Wyoming, thinking of TV screens,
and the price of a second key, used to open my mother's door,
and Nothin passin the same streets i did before,

hearing about the money made by the woman he fucked
when he was my age, and given to him out of formality,
one that i used to not see
Track Name: pecora
drive toward jackson to see a man
snakeskin like rope to us both
in the back of rebeccas van

i don’t believe in ghosts
but theyre keeping us awake, filling our throats
away from rebeccas home

diluted to 6 numbers
i keep thinking of while taking off my clothes
and putting on rebeccas clothes

diluted to one number
i keep thinking off while taking off my clothes
and putting on my clothes

las vegas and absence, yeah my mom said it
one phone call one night on his phone
toward lisas home
Track Name: wedding dress
they found her wedding dress in a tree
all thanks to Hurricane Sandy
now my aunt lives in South Dakota

she was born on Floyd in the summer
in a puddle of Mexicans
became an honorary just by being near them

took a picture of some sidewalk
met a girl in a dress called her Nebraska
took her cigarette and fed it to my parents

they kept screaming at me, holding something in their hands
"there is no South Dakota, no mexican aunt
now where the hell is our fucking medicine?"
Track Name: su casa es de ella
you're a little over but no one's countin
i tried to stand up and say something

its a little brutal with her inside of you
buy a pack a day, sometimes two

sarah left her life in your hands
you worked your 9-5 with full hands

filed for bankruptcy in april
i can't help but laugh at the picture

theres no hope in the brain dead
ill try and remember what you said

i havent worked a day in my life
but you havent seen the picture

you havent seen the number
Track Name: walkin
head of hair
made of pixels
i saw that picture
on your facebook
well im his brother
from a distance
i cant remember what really happened
what really happened

caught me walkin
asked if i was runnin
looked back at you
saw Nothin

im his brother
Track Name: runnin
less than 2 minutes ago you called it seldom
now its savage
i saw her through a window
it was tinted
she didn’t see me
she was coloring

operation goodbye is fake
its colored neon neutral
my father said he liked it while he was smoking
but he kept looking at my hands
asking me if i was holding something

lot 158 was a factory
that i miss dearly
the landlords were people i didn’t know
kept possessions locked but still talked about
and their grandson asked them to cosign a loan
"oh won’t you?" x9
haven’t seen ‘em in a year

it’s my fault, and alone
chalk outline of Nashua, or my written shadow
and the silhouette i defined, maybe his it’s the same
i told myself i wasn’t but maybe im the real cervidae
cevidae x3

it’s a city of an army
of carpeted mobile homes waiting for me
but the medicine has me thinkin
that maybe i should be Oregon
but the medicine has me thinkin
that maybe i shouldn’t be in Oregon
i shouldn’t be Oregon
in Oregon x3

i can see the seldom if i look hard enough
and if i want to
im sorry but i don’t want to
i don’t want that image of her coloring
of her imagining things
like maxed out credit cards
and stolen medicine

one day she is going to ask a question
“who is that picture of?”
“no one”
“no one”
“no one”
“no one”
Track Name: apri ma
unborn daughter written in December
no relation to that mattress or October
theres no blood on my hands
maybe because it hasn’t happened yet

are we preventing something
or just getting lucky?
we have a non-existent tire swing
and a non-existent dog, named Lucky

God doesn’t know they exist
the morning after the night they were written
she asks God to believe in them
had to be a prophet, some sort of middle man
to get to him, to make him believe in them

im not workin, i put the time in
theyre still dead though im on vacation
Track Name: golf
my mother still works there
my brother works at a different one
i put on my glasses and look at the sun x2

5 or 6 faces come up to me
all with license plates that end in 80
“didn’t you once say the sun was invisible?” x2

i work at the one past Oriole
i don’t know anyone there
i tried to get their license plate, but they drove away x2

so when i walk home by Palmer
i see all these men with great posture
i try to fix mine as they swing harder x2

the 5 or 6 faces watch me fix my posture
kept asking me if i was still running with runner
i shook my head and thought back to Sierra x2

Amber should have been charged with murder
responsible for the death of Katelyn Anders
the 5 or 6 faces, they begin to say something x2

“Hey Jack, are we doing 9 or 18?” x2
Track Name: cigarillos
baking in the sun
it leads to an empty seat
at Thanksgiving

4 hours roll the controversy
past humanity

take his presence off the internet
and put something in his hands

i guess its alright, as long as you're protecting him
six bullets don't make any sense

500, 500
put together to dress up murder

“get the fuck on the sidewalk”
“yes officer”