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This stands for everything I have felt in the past few months, and represents a part of myself that I never really looked at until recently.


released October 3, 2014

Huge thanks to Cameren Lake for helping out last minute with recording and writing. He appears on every track instrumentally, and on "yeah i can't really hear you", "stopping", and "sunday morning (realizing then that you were there)", vocally.



all rights reserved


Alexander Nothing Wyoming, Michigan

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Track Name: yeah i can't really hear you
draped with a conscious

move past it
you will only
help prevent it

policy and debate
heat is a permit
a slice of wedding cake

your nameless cat
her daughter Liberty

don't try to tell me
because when i cover my ears
i'll only say back to you

yeah i can't really hear
i can't really hear
i can't really hear
i can't really hear
i can't really hear
i can't really hear
can't really hear
can't really hear
Track Name: i believe in every rapture i've ever seen
hid under a bed
your love for me
is divided equally among other 4 other children

that you watch over
like a father
punch a window

get rid of something you don't want
tell your son about God
and the love he put inside of me
the love you labeled, yours

i am gullible
like your eldest
but i'm fucking over it

well i will be
as soon as i change my mailing address
(im wearing a dress)
Track Name: stopping
almost took a train
in daylight
to see something
in daylight

the swedish flag
made a place
in my heart
with real light surrounding

end a phone call
with a darker light around
i'll call you back
and start it then

fear is the only thing
other than anxiety
that has been resting at my ankles
the past 4 months

a heavy friend
wanting the pressure lifted
asking for a favor
to be considered light
but he's not light

almost walked
in daylight
Track Name: sunday morning (realizing then that you were there)
ethics kissing
ethics, kissing
fracking, is a kind friend
one, that i've forgiven

water boiling
oh, sleep soundly
an assumption, off to sea

sudden realization
that some of the worst tragedies
include, my good friend fracking
yeah my good friend

brush it off, her hair
revolving door
speak a language that doesn't exist

she gets so upset, over
how you interpret her ethics
because she only buries a threat
after you theorize it

but she, remembers that simile with snow
let fracking,
let fracking go
let fracking go
let fracking go
Track Name: cicada
clocks laugh
Mr. Anders told me "head outside"
so i did, and it was out of the corner of my eye
where i saw where flowers rest

i gifted my condolences
as "i'm here for you"
he didn't ask but if he did
i wouldn't know what to say to him

maybe something like
"if my sister died, i would die
to know where she
would finally rest"

and then he'd probably ask me
"but you have another sister,
and two brothers,
what about them?"

"well of course them too,
i was just trying to relate
to what you had lost
on Tuesday

i mean, i'm very sorry, i am
i don't want to encourage patience
but i once thought,
that i'd never see this flowerbed"