by Alexander Nothing

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This is a small collection of songs written all at once. About doubt and anger which dissipate into nothing really.


released January 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Alexander Nothing Wyoming, Michigan

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Track Name: ice pack
ice pack he can't reach
get it for him
make it a little easy

i won't stop
though you'll beg me to
it's more of an attempt to tell you "i love you"

i love you, i love you

"you see that green thing?"
Track Name: water
all the windows
after seeing your dad in the city
i spent $13.50

filled the ice bucket, forgot the bag
haven't lived like, showered like this
since Illinois

Chicago and that window
that was clean enough to look through
and for someone like me a great view

water makes it difficult
lift a leg up
"don't get the room wet"
didn't expect it so early, or at all
don't know if i should or shouldn't
if i would or wouldn't
had a guess and if i could guess again
i would guess nothing and prefer not to be wet
Track Name: to yours
not in the city, but in the kitchen
at a funeral avoiding him

a rainy day, rainy month, rainy year
but out of all the funerals i've heard of
i've never been to yours
to yours
to yours
to yours
Track Name: green shorts i'll never wear again
left my green shorts in Pierson
i'll never wear them again
purchased, bought, in a state i don't live in
my father doesn't have a job, a job

left them out to dry before i left
counted everything i had left
1-11, people who love me
but im not doing this for them, or for me

for me, for me

drive safe, think of the ones next to you
be safe, think of the ones who love you

who love you
Track Name: should've
you prefer the past over the present
when i open a present i'll try and act surprised

it's my birthday and i was born late
don't think that anymore, decreasing all my numbers

why is the sun up there? "why is my son over there?"
i don't love you i love my indecisive moon

from Sunny Lane over to Florence
try to take a picture, we don't like it

siblings are competing for the highest
staring at their pictures, faces getting grayer

half my parents crying, seven more days
"so sudden of you, what was your motivation?"

tell me again that you don't get it
sell myself like product, just to make rent

i'm kind of like an anchor
but you don't say so

similes made of fresh white snow
Track Name: keep asking
culmination between destination
sisters dreaming of bothers

900 something minus the days of flying
walking pass Jericho
i said "i don't know"

cancelled for us
bottle up this love
hearing static on the phone
on the phone

she's livid
i'm living
she's leaving
i'm hearing
all that static clearly now
keeping asking why and how

"why and how?"