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Based on inevitable loss and return. Recorded in Wyoming, Michigan.


released March 25, 2017

for LESS J; Catherine



all rights reserved


Alexander Nothing Wyoming, Michigan

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Track Name: parallel
i have something in my hands
said "you need to call me again"
hear them talking
those birds in the branches
oh, im looking

oh, im looking but not finding
two bags and a hamper
my words in a mason jar
in a text message
a skype call
a skype call

hold the swiss add the cheddar
whats your area code, those three numbers?
i cant vacuum the carpet
cause ill fuck up the vacuum

tic tac toe
every other day is yours
inbetween theyre mine
never match the same
across from roger plaza is remsen lane

sidewalks sit there in the same way
ive seen them 10-11 times
is it her birthday?
are they playing outside?
are they playing outside?

describe them to me, use your words
translate for me

but more talk is added pressure
its beige box filled to the top with letters
standing on the ground, can see it from outside my window
inbetween burlinggame ave and clyde park avenue
ill explain the exposition to you

squint your eyes and see the stars
i said "i drive my grandmothers car"
make dollars into cents
little girl loves me, doesnt know me
doesnt understand distance
but she ask questions and listens

she hears them talking next to her home
begging once and refusing yours
its just a place now
its just me now

she hears them talking next to her home
begging once, refusing yours
its just a place now
its just me now
its just my phone
its just my phone
Track Name: planted
this yellow speckled world
the one I decided to live in
opposed to the one without Delta emailing me every other, every other, every other weekend

every Wednesday off Breton
on the swingset I think I see children
I think about what they might be saying
when I walk into the kitchen
for the third time, I'll make them breakfast
I'll take them to bed and tuck them in
they dream with one eye open
I whisper to them in Spanish
I'll have them speak but say nothing

I'm afraid of the future, could you listen?
could you listen, I said could you listen?
could you listen? x3
I said I'm afraid of the future, and I have my arm around her
they make me out for some sorta monster
the rivers in the back start to mend with the magenta
its a painting I think, one done by my mother

I said, "take care of the kids"
in the microwave I think I saw a reflection

there's my arm in the picture, and she's looking at the picture

we're a family
second guess my blood, I'm talking
i said im talking, im talking
you say that im speaking but im saying nothing
almost like you can hear something

I guess there are two kinds of love
and you weigh between them when you look at us
your eldest daughter, and your first-born son
first-born son
first-born son
first-born son
firsr-born son
Track Name: purgatory
health drive aint healthy
at least thats what he wants you to think
deficits he forged that spread to his son
making him stay there in purgatory
staring at the white ground
its a brave new world

well he's poolin' up operations to leave us
exit 44 to downtown business
"can you hand me the remote?
my shoulder is frozen"
what do you mean, whats going on Stephen

"oh, I scheduled an appointment for a lidocaine infusion. my wife wants to divorce the father of her children. see myself in Brandon and I hate him for it."

didn't say that last part, but I can imagine
exhaust my resources forgiving him
my exhaust leak can wait, it's above the estimate
well I'll drive around in circles
make sure I've eaten
put off my success for another day
blame the future on my past
il gullible, i stand at the door
inbetween where I am now, and where I could be
always will be "could be" x4

don't say anything, imagine saying something
blame the future on my past
im sorry you didn't ask
yeah we can raincheck
yeah we can raincheck
Track Name: pressing keys
I was dead before I loved you
Cameren texted me, asked if I had known you
answer him with a question
I'll have Veronica look away for just a second
as long as I need her to, before I lose grip
soon after, count to 77
I'll take all these pictures and write all over them
I work too hard for the "inbetween moments"
cherry picked from a weekend
gather my belongings from a desk
and that's it, that's what she said happened

the thoughts of one phoenix
emilys child knows more than just ashes
you said your favorite was ashes
that picture taken in Illinois
hearing things you've heard besides noise

saying things I've said in pig latin
can't understand me? that's your problem
im sorry let me repeat myself
put quotes around my dialect

said I loved you while I was dead
I prolonged the inevitable
said your name was Catherine
in November it almost happened
rearrange all the fact into fiction
I'd apologize but I still don't know who I am

I'll transition into pressing keys
I'm used to it, it's so fucking easy
I'm laying all vertical, my aunts are texting me
I'm just swiping away their pity

and I somehow arrived at this garden without beds
the beauty is so intimate - I'm sleeping in a twin
take apart the two, when I have a guest
all 6 of them
all 6 of them
all 6 of them
Track Name: picturing ann rodriguez
she got married in Fort Wayne
said my God loves me and nothing I could say could make that go away

and the water thats right under Calebs feet
it goes right to me
goes right, goes right to me

and the way, the way he talks to me
makes me feel like a queen

and I said "take the clothes, take the clothes, take the clothes, off of the railing"
but he leaves them there on the railing
and does his job and takes care of me
he volunteers and rails right into me
asks me questions, he's so kind he answers them for me
he's so kind, he answers them for me

and Im 50 under, 50 under, take it right from me
take it right from me
soak them in warm water
Miana is quiet but she's sweet

and all of this, if I look around, looks familiar
I've seen it in a dream, I've seen it in a dream
and I'm asking God if he loves me
can he give him back to me

and he did, I can't say anything
she's happy, I can't say anything
Track Name: port charlottes dog
the lights over in Walker
take themselves apart in Mexico
do you want me to write about this?
"thank you, but no"

see 'em first with Lydia
my brother can drive a manual
don't know either of them
cause I've thinking of myself

he's growing into a stranger
by living like his brother
he's closer to himself, when she's further away

the others have settled now
I kind of hate the ocean now
she's looking at the ocean now
just those easy lights, the red and the white
he's walking in Irvine
and I could say something, but he's happy
but he's happy
Track Name: pity
I said "put it in front of me"
are you trying to tempt me?
I never saw this coming
but I saw it coming

wrote it down then, to write it down now
the marks on your body aren't the tracks in the snow
or the frames on the wall
on the frames on the wall
have nothing to say about the snow

the faucets dry now and has been
you and I have been recycling my old shit
love is snow
it'll melt like snow
love is snow
it'll melt like snow

the repetition then just repeats now
this is illegible now but I'll type it out
copy it all down, all down
oh, the repetition now calls back to it then

everyone calls me and
says "hey, Brandon, I'm sorry"

yeah its a pity
but I can't do everything
I can't make her happy
I can't make her meet my family
can't make her fall in love with me
can't make her Katie
can't make her happy
can't make her happy
can't make her happy

yeah it's a pity, but i'm, but i'm, but i'm happy
i'm happy
i said, I'm happy